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RР partners offer you the following services of all intellectual property (IP) objects:


Representation in registration procedure of IP objects before the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO) as well the European Patent Office (EPO), the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


Assistance for registration of IP objects in all countries over the world. Providing contacts with professional local representatives offering IP-services


Preparing and filing applications and assistance for registration of food as geographical indications and foodstuffs as traditional specialities guaranteed according to Regulations 509 and 510 before European Commission


Representation in IP administrative disputes before BPO, as well EPO and OHIM


Representation in civil disputes of IP objects before Bulgarian court.


Representation in disputes concerning infringement of IP objects considered in administrative, civil and criminal order.


Representation before the Custom authorities in enforcing cross-border control of goods transferred by infringing IP rights


Representation in unfair competition disputes before the Commission of Protection of Competition (CPC)


Legal services in license negotiation procedures of IP objects


Legal service in transfer of technologies and know-how


Assistance for preparing innovative technical decisions and advices for their financing from EU funds and the National innovation fund


Preparing a valuation of IP object as intangible assets


Preparing and providing legal patent and marketing analysis, consultations and advices


Search of IP objects of competitive companies in the relevant market branch


Preparing of complete company strategies for protection of IP objects consistent with particular market situation


Specialized services of IP objects for pharmaceutical products- medicines and dietary supplements


Specialized services of IP objects for cosmetic products


Specialized services of IP objects for veterinary -medicine products