A trade mark identifies the origin of goods and services of one undertaking so as to differentiate them from those of its competitors.
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Shortly for trademarks

Trade marks may be a words, logos, devices or other distinctive features which can be represented graphically. They can consist of, for example, the shape of goods, their packaging or sounds and in some legislations even smells.

The best way to defend your trademark and to rule your marketing strategies is to register your trademark. A strong trade mark creates an identity, builds trust, distinguishes you from the competition. If you do not register your trade mark, others may do so and acquire your rights to distinguish their goods and services. In other hand, if you register your trade mark, you will be in position to prevent or prosecute unfair competitors, such as counterfeiters, to use similar distinctive signs to market inferior or different products or services.

Registered trade mark can last indefinitely as long as the renewal fees are paid in the periods of 10-years.


Our services for trademarks

National before Bulgarian Patent Office 

  1. Preparing and filling of an application
  2. Claiming of each priority including the submitting of priority document
  3. Accelerate examination
  4. TM search up to three classes
  5. Renewal of registration
  6. Appeals against decision to terminate proceedings:
  7. Appeals against decision to preliminary refusal for registration
  8. Requests for cancellation of registration
  9. Requests for invalidation of registration
  10. Entry of restriction of the list of goods/services and issue of certificate
  11. Preparing, filing of an opposition/observation against TM application
  12. Preparing and filing of a response against refusal of TM registration
  13. Procedure of a request over infringements right of a registered TM


International before WIPO 

1.  Preparing and filing an application for international registration of TM

2.  Filing a request for territorial extension

3.  Request for substitution of a national registration by an international one

4.  Request for substitution of a national registration by an international

5.  Request for international registration of an appellation of origin

6.  Request for assignment of rights, license agreement, transferring of ownership and  requests for limitation the list of goods; change the name of the holder

7.  Preparing and filing a response through a local patent attorney against provisional refusal for 1 country member to the Madrid Agreement and Protocol


Community trade mark before OHIM 

1.  Preparing, filing, examination and registration of a CTM application e-filing

2.  Preparing, filing, examination and registration of a CTM application - by mail

3.  Renewal of trade mark registration

4.  Opposition against CTM application

5.  Preparing and filing a response against filed opposition

6.  Observation by third parties

7.  Requests for revocation of a CTM

8.  Requests for invalidation of a CTM

9.  An Appeal request against a decision

10.     Sending a CTM application through Bulgarian Patent Office

11.     Reporting CTM registration and sending registration certificate

12.     Translation into an official OHIM language (EN,DE,FR,ES,IT) per 100 words if necessary

13.     Claiming priority and sending the Priority certificate at OHIM

14.     Fee for conversion of a mark into national trade mark application

15.     Fee for registration of licence or another right in respect to CTM registration