Utility models

A utility model is an exclusive right granted for an invention. The utility model is similar to a patent.
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Shortly for Utility models

The main differences between utility models and patents are the following:


  • The requirements for acquiring a utility model are less stringent than for patents. The"inventive step" or "non-obviousness" may be much lower or absent altogether. 


  •  The term of protection for utility models is shorter than for patents


  • The registration process is often significantly simpler and faster


  • Utility models are much cheaper to obtain and to maintain


In some countries the protection can only be obtained for certain fields of technology and only for products but not for processes.


Our services for utility models

National Utility Model before Bulgarian Patent Office


  1. Patent search
  2. Preparing and filling application
  3. Service from filling to registration of utility model
  4. Renewing the registration
  5. Procedure for filling an appeal against:

- decision for refusal the registration

- decision for abatement of the procedure

  1. Procedure of declaring a granted utility model invalid:

- partial invalidation

- full invalidation

  1. Border control implementation
  2. Filling infringement claim