In these days an increasingly significant part of the companies revenues is driven by their intellectual property /IP/. The use of new products and technologies, designer solutions, software, etc. are
a prerequisite for stronger competitiveness and success on the market. Acquiring legal protection for such property is an effective means of guarding against its misuse by others. That is why the creation, the legal protection and the management of intellectual property are a crucial element of the business strategy of any company.

RP partners helps its clients in the setup, management and the legal protection of all the different intellectual property objects – patents, utility models, trademarks, geographic marks, industrial designs, copyright and unfair competition. We advise on all questions related to further use of IP objects in business as market instruments, as a competitive advantage, lasting intangible assets and credit collateral.

We represent our clients before national and international public institutions within the process of acquiring rights over their intellectual property as well as between their competitors and partners where agreements or disputes or breaches of rights

RP Partners is a member of the most renowned international organisations within the IP field:
  • The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
  • The European Community Trademark Association (ECTA)
  • The Alliance for Intellectual Property in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology
  • The Pharmaceutical trademarks Group (PTMG)