The objects of copyright and related rights include works of fine arts, musical works of various genres, television programs, cinema, design, computer programs and games, databases, rights of performers and others. This wide and diverse set of objects, different in their nature and means of distribution, have a specific legal regime.

RP Partners offers a full range of services and consultations on:
  • Establishing the date of origin and proving the authorship of works of different types of art;
  • Assistance in co-authorship, including the distribution of royalties’
  • Preparation of employment contracts, implying the emergence of objects of copyright;
  • Preparation of opinions, legal analysis and contracts for licensing and / or assignment of copyrights;
  • Preparation of contracts with external contractors and settlement of the rights for use, in case implying the creation of objects of copyright by the contractor;
  • Assistance and legal representation in disputes for payment of fair royalties;
  • Сonsultations and assistance in out-of-court resolution of disputes;
  • Evaluation of copyrights, as intangible assets of the company, as collateral, as object of special pledge and in insolvency proceedings.
  • Preparation, submission and representation in claims and appeals to the competent courts for infringements of copyright and related rights