• Establishment of commercial companies, incl. selection of an appropriate legal form for the respective business and their entry in the Commercial Register.
  • Due diligence study of companies.
  • Merger, takeover, separation, division and all kinds of transformation and reorganisation of companies and entry of the relevant changes in the Commercial Register.
  • Consultations on protection and promotion of foreign investments, including the legal international accounting and tax aspects.
  • Joint venture and foreign investment.
  • Assistance and representation of clients in conducting trade negotiations.
  • Preparation of trade contracts, incl. for purchase and sale, production, operational and financial leasing, distribution, services, licensing, marketing, etc.
  • Negotiating and reaching out-of-court agreements for settling commercial disputes and satisfying the claims of our clients.
  • Assistance in issuing a writ of execution for receivables of the trader in order proceedings.